This book dives into the concept of the guy code and how it affects a man's ability to fall in love. It investigates the root of a lot of dating issues in modern day society and exposes the outcome and ramifications. It provides a general understanding of men and explains why men do certain things, and say certain things as it relates to dating. It connects the dots and shows a clear correlation between a man's dating choices and his Biology, Sociology, Psychology, and Sexology. Using science, personal experiences, surveys, and statistics to validate and substantiate his thesis and philosophy, the author discovered hidden gems that are groundbreaking and breathtaking. Ultimately, it reveals the solution to a better dating environment as you will uncover the secrets of the guy code. Although written in a man's point of view, this book is fair, balanced, and unbiased, meaning both men and women will benefit from this book. This book is a woman's guide to unraveling and understanding a man. It also gives women key pointers to be able to determine if a man is genuine or not, and provides techniques for women to avoid getting hurt by a man. At the same time, this book is a voice for all men who are suffering from the silent struggle that plagues society. It's also a man's guide to finding himself and getting comfortable with his emotions and falling in love.

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